Polly Blackley

counselling and psychotherapy for young people and adults

Psychotherapy and Counselling for Adults

I discovered psychotherapy in my 20s, when the challenges of my own life led me to seek therapeutic support, which helped me profoundly. My training at the Minster Centre in London gave me opportunities to learn about and practice a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches, including Object Relations and Gestalt.

At the heart of all helpful therapeutic work is a strong relationship between client and therapist, whether it is short-term focused counselling, or long-term in-depth psychotherapy. This relationship is founded on trust and acceptance, and offers a unique space in which experiences, thoughts and feelings can be safely explored and understood.

Every client I work with is different, and my aim is to find the most helpful way to work with each individual, to enable them to develop awareness, identify unhelpful patterns and beliefs, express ‘stuck’ feelings, heal trauma, and develop their own capacity to support and take care of themselves. In this way, therapy helps people to move forward, to live more fully, and to grow.

I see clients weekly for 50 minute sessions. Consideration of the duration of counselling or therapy will always form part of our initial discussion, and I am flexible about this, sometimes working in an open-ended way, sometimes contracting for an agreed number of sessions, followed by a review.

People come to see me for many reasons:

I charge £55 per session.